14CM Mini Stainless Steel Pan Anti-Stick Omelette Pot Home Insulation Pot - B07GWTH2TQ

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  • 1. Insulation, non-stick and less smoke, rapid heat conduction, convenient cleaning, long-lasting luster, safe and harmless.

  • 2, the material is aluminum alloy, evenly heated, less soot is non-toxic, so you can cook with confidence.

  • 3, make your kitchen look clean, anti-scaling handle design, easy to suspend, to ensure your safety.

  • 4. This easy-to-use pan is perfect for all chefs and housewives, enhancing your cooking and impressing your friends.

  • 5, the pan is very suitable for daily use, even for the dishwasher, so cleaning can be as simple as cooking.

  • Size: 14cm
    1, high temperature ceramic anti-stick coating
    2, physical forging forming
    3, super thick thermal film
    4, can be suspended handle
    Suitable for cooking appliances: Induction cooker, electric ceramic stove, gas stove, halogen stove, etc. can be used.
    1. Before use, please clean the mold and dry it with a soft cloth before use.
    2. After use, please use a soft cloth or soft plastic scraper to remove the residue and clean the mold. Minimize exposure to acidic foods and condiments.
    3. Do not use sharp metal objects, knives, scouring pads and chemical cleaners. Do not hit hard or use tools to damage the surface.
    4. After receiving the goods, if you are satisfied with the transaction, please don't forget to give praise. If you have other comments or suggestions, please let us know so that you can improve.
    1. It is forbidden to dry for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the product.
    2, often clean the part that does not normally touch the food, so as not to cause dirt.
    Checklist: 1* pan

    14CM Mini Stainless Steel Pan Anti-Stick Omelette Pot Home Insulation Pot - B07GWTH2TQ

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